A movie about happiness.
The Wedding – so beautiful as unique, so special as transient.
To keep the happiest day of your life in mind besides your memory, Videobote produces
your personal wedding movie - As unique as the wedding itself.

Miss nothing.
Videobote accompanies your day from the Getting Ready until throwing the bridal bouquet.
Showing events realistic has the highest priority. Nothing will be faked.
Because you are more interesting than Hollywood.

Your personal ghost.
More important than the wedding movie is the wedding itself.
Videobote works alone, comes without a crew and brings a moderate amount of equipment.
He observes the happenings from far but is still close enough.

Polish the diamond.
Selection, editing & color correction are just three of many steps to reach the right shine.
You receive your finished wedding movie about 1 month after the wedding ready to play
and individually printed on DVD, Blu-Ray and via FullHD download.

Your story.
Videobote wants to tell it.
From the top and from the bottom. With love. Without bullshit.

  • (...) When we watch the movie we are happy and touched at the same time about so many moments...
    stocked, surprised, we even can heartly laugh. Booking you was the best decision!

  • (...) All guests were thrilled by you and your work! Keep it up like that!

  • (...) Edit and music just gets you goosebumps. Totally thrilled, from 5 available stars we'd give you 10!