A movie about passion.
Either a tiler, a step dancer or a business coach -
no matter what you, your story needs an audience.
So let's show them what you've got!

With pictures and sounds.
That what you do is too colorful for a text and too loud for a single photograph.
It wants to be seen and heard - in moving pictures.
The medium of film is therefore our link to the world.
By finding out what makes you and your story so special we will
find the right pictures for your audience.

Camera, lights & Co.
After we figured out what we want to create I'll vistit you.
In your atelier, your workshop or your jamming room.
I'm going to watch you while you're doing what you love
From the site and from the front, from very close and from the distance.
Sometimes static, sometimes dynamic. Often emotional and not rarely impulsive.
But always you.

Just cut right to your size.
Same here: Diamonds need to be polished.
And besides the shoot another essential step for the right shine.
Either static or dynamic, emotional or impulsive.
It has to be you.

Here you can find examples
or you can send me a request right away.